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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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What is SURE?

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience has been a hallmark of the Carthage experience since the mid-1990s. The undergraduate research initiative first began in the natural sciences, but now includes all four academic disciplines at Carthage. Each summer, between 20 and 50 students are chosen to participate.

Selected students spend ten weeks on campus researching full-time with a faculty mentor. As a part of this program, students receive a stipend, on-campus housing, a meal plan, and a research budget. Students work with their faculty mentors on research and creative projects during the course of the program. At the end of the program, students and faculty present their collaborative research or creative projects during the annual Celebration of Scholars Poster session, open to the Carthage community.

"The SURE Program was an incredible experience that gave me insights into research. I now plan on pursuing research as part of my career and am continuing to participate in the same research I did during the SURE Program" - Yana Astter '21

Why are donations necessary?

The SURE Program offers students at Carthage opportunities to expand their education.

Your gift will go towards supporting students in this program with funds for research, on-campus housing, and meal plans. Your support will also provide the faculty mentors in this program a stipend to participate along with students in joint meetings and research collaboration from across the College.

Summer 2023 Research Highlights


Abigail Smith '25

Project: Gun Violence in Schools


Ellison Vermillion '25

Project: Urban Education and Sociological Research


Elise Berg '24

Project: Disability and the Monster: How Andrew Joseph White's "Hell Followed With Us" Reimagines Ableist Tropes in Literature

Kj De Jesus '24

Project: Politics & Queerness in 1980s Comic Books: A Study on Dykes to Watch Out For, Love and Rockets, and Underground Zine Culture


Gregory Mazurkiewicz '24

Project: Exploring the impact of salary cap structures on labor market processes in professional sports leagues


Marlena Moore '24

Project: Care of the Spirit for Vulnerable Patients with Cancer


Bo Anderson '25

Project: Olfaction and Pregnancy

Sarah Tuchel '24

Project: A qualitative study of expert magicians' views on magic and misdirection


Tyler Kelly '24

Project: Forms of Resistance in the Black '80s

Click here to see a full list of all 2023 SURE Projects.

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